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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Dutch Revit Standards, English style

Haven't we covered this?

You might have heard about the Dutch Revit Standards. If not, here's a post that pretty much sums it up:

So yes, we covered this already. However there is one problem: the DRS is in Dutch (go figure). And with that it has a very limited scope. 
So we've been contemplating on how to make it available in English. This is a big task, especially when you realise we have a LOT to do on the Dutch version (MEP, Family Guide, expand the Open Source IFC Exporter, talk to manufacturers about getting their content, and so on and so forth). Besides that, at this point nobody is paying my bills either. So there's the fact that I need to spend time on that too... 

Quick survey btw: anyone that would be willing to participate in crowdfunding this? If there are a lot of positive responses, there will be a follow-up post of my thoughts on this. If not, well then we'll just dabble along with the current plan.

Which is?

Since there is no funding, translations will be slow. But it's no fun in working on something again (I already created the entire thing in Dutch), without the ability to share. So I had a different idea: why not blog it?
I once devoured a long sequence of blogs on how to create a Revit project (sadly can't remember the blog name right now), which was a great help to me in discovering new tools and workflows. So why not create a (very very long) series of blogposts about the Dutch Revit Standards? And in doing so, completely translate the template, documentation, and such.

How does it work?

Here's the deal: I will try to post regular updates with translations of the DRS documentation. While doing so, I will be also simultaniously be translating the template and supporting files that come with it. However, this will be a lot of work, and don't expect me to post more then once every two weeks (that is: if I even manage to keep that pace up). 
So it will probably take me about a year to complete. In between I'll try to keep development with version 2.0 synced in the english version. Or at least set it up in such a way that it can later be added...


I said it before, and will say it again: it's voluntary work. So it might also be possible that this turns out to be one of my lesser continuous projects and it bleeds out after a few posts. In that case: you can't blame a man for trying can you?