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Monday, August 13, 2012

How to create a timber framed wall with base extended cladding

First of all I want to apologise for staying away so long. Frequent users of might have missed me there too... Let's just say that I've been insanely busy with some major projects and had to severly cut back on all other activities.
Also, my doctor made me step down a notch due to some developing signs of a serious Revit addiction. Having established that there's more in life then my laptop I can now safely return to action and make up for lost time!

Wait, that doesn't sound quite right...

Anyway: since my return on RFO I've been starting to stick my nose into some threads and found this one which sounded nice.
Especially liked question number 3 since that's one I deal with o a regular base too.

It boils down to this: how can I create a wall with two differents base heights. Usually one for structural part (sitting on the floor) and one for the finish part, extending downwards.
Now there is a tool in the Wall function that let's you "unlock" wall layers and extend them seperately. I don't like it, too much manual labor involved.
Off course, we could also use Parts (NOT!!!)

My favourite solution is seen in image 1 and 2:

image 1

image 2

1. Select the Wall, and change the Base offset to the desired extent.
2. Click on Attach Top/Bottom in the Modify Tab
3. Select Base and then select the Floor.

Why use this one and not just Join?
Well, basically because this option will keep the floor attached even if it's shifts beyond the extents of the Wall. Set the Floor offset from Level to -500 and see what happens. With the Join tool, you get a lot of pesky error messages and the connection breaks. With the Attach-tool, it doesn't.

Now to make matters somewhat more interesting, the follow-up question was this:
I didn't realise that worked with walls. With cursory examination it seems to also resolve an Issue I was having with the 'timber framed walls' extension which would frame to the lower extension lavel, not the bottom of the framing. The one thing it breaks though is that in NZ, timber framing must overhang your floor by 10mm, and your cladding extend 50mm down. Your method has a 10mm strip of framing down the edge of the floor....

If I get this guy right, his problem is as shown in image 3.But this too is easily fixed by adding a reveal to your wall.

image 3

First, create a profile family as shown in image 4. 

image 4

Use the Profile - Reveal template for this. Make it parametric so you can use it on multiple occasions. Make the parameters Type Paramaters so you can edit them through the Project Browser (find the family in the PB > expand > select type > rightclick > type properties)

Second, select the Wall > Edit Type > Edit (structure) > Open the Section Preview. Now add a reveal to the Wall, shown in image 5. I don't use the setback values inside the Wall. Don't know why, I just like to control the size and placement of the reveal inside the reveal family. But YMMV.
Whatever preference you have: image 6 shows a perfect solution...

image 5

image 6

Happy Reviting
Mark Twain


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  3. This actually helps me with the math measurements by putting up my timber wall. I want to partition a room into two different rooms. Initially, I thought I could just toss up a wall and everything would be done in an afternoon. However, I can see that it will take a bit more effort.

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