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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

The Best Posts of the Month, September 2011

Hi guys and gals, back again for yet another round of the Post of the Month elections! The Poll is published here, please feel free to give your votes at any time and acknowledge the effort the authors put in it...

Sorry this is kind of late, my vacation with Mickey and friends stood between me and my laptop, so this had to wait...
For everyone who doesn't have a clear remembrance of the original postings, here's a brief summary of them all:

Nr 1: Rotate Generic Model in Place by Alfred Medina.
This thread started with the question on how to rotate an in-place Generic Model from a horizontal to a vertical plane (in other words: rotate around the x-axis). Seemed like it couldn't be done because of the constraint to the workplane the geometry was created in. Alfredo provided an easy and effective solution: Group the geometry you wish to rotate after which this is possible.

Nr 2: Organize Schedules by Steve Stafford.
Long standing wishlisht item: the possibility to organise Schedules in the Project Browser. By default, Schedules are organised alfabetically, thus forcing people to either use unnecesary and/or confusing prefixes in their Schedule Names, or search for the proper Schedule in a bunch of unorganised Schedules...
Steve came up with a solution to this which uses the possibility to disconnect the visible name of the schedule from it's actual name by using Group Headers instead of the actual Schedule Name.

Nr 3. Reconstruction Phases & Rooms by mdradvies
The thread started with a question about the way Phases should be set up if you have a situation where you want to show Rooms from an Existing Phase in a next Phase (in this instance Phase Demolished). Mdradvies provided two possible solutions: one with the use of overlayed Views on Sheet (Room not actually being in the next Phase though) and one which deleted the Phase Demolished and used Phase Filters to set up the desired visual representation.

Nr 4. Link ACAD Notes at Correct Scale by Steve Stafford
The thread started with a question about importing standard drawing notes from autocad in Revit. The author had problems with scaling and sheet placement of the imported notes. Steve posted a thorough how-to for this, also adding some pointers and possible pitfalls.

The thread started with a question on how to rotate an In Place Generic Model over the x-axis (from Plan View to Elevation View). This issue was finally resolved in a few different ways (Pick New Host, Group and then rotate). In response to the whole discussion Mr Spot posted a generic solution to rotating a Non-Hosted Family which will work in probably any situation: make it workplane based and host it on a (named) Reference Plane. You can now rotate the Reference Plane and with that the entire family.

Nr 6. Reconcile Hosting by Jrobker
A post (and entire thread) worth reading for anyone who works with third-party MEP Consultants. The thread started with a question about an error occurring when an Architects model has new Ceilings. All ceiling based MEP objects will get unhosted. Most can be rehosted again, but some stay "Not Associated". 
In response to this, and the following discussion, Jrobker posted a complete list of all the "do's and don'ts" in collaborating with MEP consultants.

Nr 7. 2d Symbols as Component by Alex Page
The thread started with the question on how to create (2D) furniture in Revit. Alex provided a step-by-step tutorial on how to do this using the proper family templates. He also added the tip to create the 2D furniture on a refplane with a parametric offset to the Reference Level. This way, in plan view, elements with different heights will correctly obscure each other, even while they are just 2D.

Nr 8. Association Work Plane by Alfredo Medina
The thread started out with a constraints issue in a Door Family. Using the <Family:Type> would break the link between the parameter and the nested families which needed to be swapped.
Alfredo posted the correct workflow to do this and make the type swappable by parameter without breaking the link.

Nr 9. Multi-category schedule by Gaby424
Alfredo Medina started up the thread, asking the forum about the general useage of Multi-Category Schedules. It turned into a lively discussion which focussed on how to deal with the seemingly random availability of standard Out of the Box parameters, such as Volume, in a Multi Category Schedule. For the Volume, Gaby424 gave an easy but effective solution: using Multi Category Material Takeoffs.

Nr. 10 Curtain Walls Not Joining by mdradvies
The thread started with a question about joining two Curtain Walls. How to get a Curtain Wall join 2 glass panels correctly without a vertical mullion (glass with a clear butt joint). 
mdradvies responded with a way to use the vertical mullions to create a sealant between the two glass panels. Give the Mullion Profile the correct size and offset and use the ootb L-Corner Mullion as a template. It will joint the two panels together, much like common building practise for butt joints and still look good in Detail / Elevation / 3D.

So, we yet again have some beautiful contributions worth voting for. Please cast your votes here...


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