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Sunday, October 30, 2011

The Best Posts of the Month of September 2011 in

1) Post #30573 by by Steve Stafford in Thread: Organize Schedules
2) Post #30920 by Alex Page in Thread: Can I Make 2d symbols Furniture
3) Post #30748 by Alfredo Medina in Thread: Association workplane when array lost

Brief comment about the first post:

In this contribution, Steve Stafford, from Revit OpEd , provides a trick to overcome the limitations of the Browser Organization features in regards to sorting schedules. We can sort other views easily, by type or discipline, or by new parameters, but this is not possible for schedules. Therefore, the proposed solution is this: Rename the schedules in the Project Browser as necessary in order to create a sorted list, as per your needs. Since the new name will immediately change the title of the schedule on the sheet, then go to the Appearance tab of the schedule and turn off the Show Title option. Then group the columns of the schedule to create an overall header. Provide a name for the header, to work as the title of the schedule. This new “title” will not affect the sorted list that you have already created in the Project Browser.

For more information, please refer to Post #30573 at , and to this article in Steve’s blog.

Brief comment about the second post:

In this post, Alex Page, from RevitWorks Ltd, explains a technique to create Revit furniture families in 2D that will still obscure other objects, by using masking regions hosted at reference planes at the required elevation.

For more information, please refer to Post #30920 at

Brief comment about the third post:

This post, by Alfredo Medina, from , describes the bad and the good workflow for getting a nested family to swap correctly and easily without incurring in common errors, such as “constraints not satisfied”.

Basically, the advice is not to put more constraints than necessary. If you need to swap a nested family object by a family parameter, then place, align, lock, and apply the label of the family parameter to the first object, only. Don’t do any of the above to the other similar items of the same category that you want to provide as alternatives; just load them in the host family.

For more information, please refer to Post #30748 at

Blog entry by: Alfredo Medina.
See you next month...


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