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Friday, September 16, 2011

Post of the Month August - Nominees

It is the 15th of the month again... This means that another "Post of the Month" election is open for voting!!! You can find it here. In this Blog a short enumeration of the nominated posts...

Nr1: FBlome in Thread: Worksets and DropBox - how to do it without getting yourself in deep doodoo

This post is a rather extensive layout of all the Do’s and Don’ts when it comes to using Worksharing in combination with Dropbox for Revit project collaboration. The author wrote down and analyzed his experiences with this workflow in a real-life project which makes this a valuable summary for all of those thinking about going down this road.

Nr2: Gordon Price in Thread: Working Views and Annotation Views - display of view callouts

It is common practice to use both working views (to well, work in) and plot/annotate views (for placement on sheets). But this raises a problem: how do you get rid of those extra View Tags? In this thread the original post raised the question whether it is possible to somehow filter the Elevation View Tags. Gordon came up with the winner: create a separate Tag which can by filtered by Type.

Nr 3: Mark b in Thread: Sloping parapet?

The OP raised the question whether it is possible to make a parapet follow the slope of the corresponding roof. Mark b provided a simple yet very effective way of doing so.

Nr 4: Openrevit in Thread: energy setting - building construction

This seems to be the first ever RMEP nominated post… The OP raised the question whether it was possible to add U-values (number that defines the amount of heat travelling through a certain material) to custom materials / building constructions. In this post Openrevit provides the solution and explains how one can change the constructions.xml file to do so.

Nr. 5: Scott D Davis in Thread: My favorite thing about Revit (not... caution rant)

The OP started with a rant about the automatic upgrade from files when opened in a new version. It was very soon established that this upgrade wouldn’t take effect unless you actually save the project.

In addition Scott D Davis replied with a detailed how-to on how to respond when the file is saved by accident, both for workshared and non-workshared files.

Nr. 6: mdradvies in Thread: Using Parameters and Schedules for Phase hatches

This thread and corresponding blog posts were triggered by another posting on how to override wall hatches by the Phase they were created in. In the blogs a step by step workflow is provided to achieve this.

Nr. 7: Munkholm in Thread: Stone Section Detail Component

The thread was started with the request if someone could share a Stone Section Detail Component. It quickly evolved into a discussion about the possibilities to nest a Detail Component into a Wall. Munkholm provided a workaround using a Profile / Wall Sweep to accomplish this.

Nr. 8: Alfredo Medina in Thread: Wall Section strategy...

The OP started with a what-if: What if you need to a Multi-level Wall Section that’s too big to put on one sheet? A quick suggestion was to break the Callout in parts but this leaves you with a bunch of loose Callout Annotations. Alfredo provided a simple yet very effective way of accomplishing the desired effect while keeping up the appearance of a single Callout in your section view.

Nr. 9: Munkholm in Thread: project template upgrading

The OP started this discussion with the question on how upgrading templates and libraries is handled by other forum members. Especially regarding the paths to different locations of recourses preloaded in the template.

As often, the solution is as brilliant as it is simple, and provided by Munkholm here.

Nr 10: mdradvies in Thread: A Schedule Question...How Do I...

The OP needed a way to automatically tie info from a Wall to the corresponding Room. More precise: he needed to be able to define which Rooms were bounded by a certain type of Wall. General consensus: there is no automatic way to do this (yet) without using the API. Mdradvies provided a partial solution in terms of a letting a room know that it is in fact next to such a wall by using a Door/Window family.

Again so many gems to choose from. I know it's hard, but give it a go...

Happy Reviting


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