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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Creating a hatch override by Phase, Pt 1

In this thread here on RFO there was a question on how to override a hatch depending on phasing of the object, in this case a Wall.
To be honest, it cannot be done. But you can get close... For arguments sake, let's say you're starting on a blank project without any template.

I created a Project File with two OOTB Phases: Existing and new. Both have a Plan View Level 1. Then I created a simple square box in Phase Existing and added some Walls in Phase New.
I created a Section View in Phase New to top it off, see image 1.

Then I created a Phase Override to show new only. Set existing and temporary to not show, image 2. This is not directly needed for the example at hand but can come in handy when you are working on large projects.

At this time you can't filter on Phasing, so you need to work around that.
Create an extra project parameter to filter on. Go to Manage > Project Parameters > Add > Project Parameter > Create a parameter of the Yes/No category. Name it "override wall hatch" or something. Apply it to the category Walls, see image 3.

Open a new 3D View which has all walls in them, temporary apply the Phase Filter "New Only" to only show the Walls created in Phase New, see image 4.

Select all Walls visible, check OFF the parameter "override existing hatch", image 5.

Now you can create a View Filter for the section / elevation views by filtering for the yes/no to equals No, see image 6.

To do this, take the following steps:
a. Go to the Section / Elevation View in which you want to apply the filter.
b. Go to Visibility Graphic Overrides, Filter Tab.
c. Click Edit / New. Create a new Filter.
d. Apply the filter to category Walls.
e. Select the "override wall hatch"-parameter that you just created and set it to Equals "Yes". Now click OK. This filter will select all Walls which have been marked by the "override wall hatch"-parameter.
f. In the Filter Tab of the Visibility / Graphics box, select the Cut Pattern and set it to non-visible or any other override you might like (image 7).

Image 8 shows the desired effect.

BIG WARNING: This is NOT a automatic method. You need to keep checking if all the parameters are applied correctly. Besides that, Revit has some quirks when it comes to System Families using Yes/No-parameters. More on that on the next post.


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