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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Best posts of the month of July 2011

The best posts of the month of July in are:

1) Post #22648 by Scott Hopkins in Thread: View Title Secrets Revealed
2) Post #24654 by Steve_Stafford in Thread: (Faking) Property Lines in Sections
3) Post #23997 by mdradvies in Thread: Push parameters in the project environment

Brief comment about the first post:

In this interesting post, Scott Hopkins, from Peikert Group Architects, explains how he modified a view title family, carefully adding reference planes in it, to facilitate the placement of the view title on the lower left corner of the drafting view, and on the grid of a sheet with details.

This image shows the view title family in the family editor:

For more information, please refer to Post #22648 at

Brief comment about the second post:

In this post, Steve Stafford, author of Revit OpEd blog, provides an idea in response to the question of how to show property lines and setbacks in elevation views, even with irregular sites. Steve proposes the use of mass elements, one for the perimeter of the site, and another one for the setbacks.

For more information, please refer to Post #24654 at

Brief comment about the third post:

This post, by Martijn de Riet, MdR Advies, was the result of asking around in a previous thread about the use of a mysterious option in the Parameter Properties dialog box. It's that option on the lower left corner that says "Add to all elements of the selected category". Well, Martijn found a use for this option in his consulting work, and he is sharing the explanation with us. To mention an example, this option is useful when you need to spread a certain custom parameter that exists in only one window type, to all the other windows, so that you can have a uniform parameter that you can use to calculate totals.

Since, for sure, Martijn can explain it better than I do, for more information, please refer to Post #23997 at

See you next month...


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