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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Best post of the month - April 2011

Starting to see a pattern here? The Post Of The Month (POTM) in April 2011 is yet another one from Twiceroadsfool (Aaron Maller) for the post and not least the sharing of all his door families.

You can read the post and all of the following questions and answers in this thread.
And/or simply download the Doors from:

Congratulations and thanks to Aaron!

POTM from May will be announced in late June - Until then, happy Reviting.

Best post of the month - March 2011

Sorry for the missing updates on "Best post of the month" at the forum.

But Congratulations to Twiceroadsfool (Aaron Maller) for the Post Of The Month (POTM) in March 2011, for his excelent post on Building a Revit Template.

It´s a long and breathtaking post, so I´ll only post a teaser here - But make sure to read the entire post about Building a Revit Template at the Forum

Building a Revit Template

Many people I encounter wonder and inquire about the importance of having a GOOD Revit Template to start from, and I would assert that it’s the single most important thing in improving efficiency, quality, clarity, and consistency in your Projects. The following is a list (and a BRIEF explanation) of the order I PERSONALLY have gone in, when building a Revit Template. Explanations about the order will be included, and each may be expanded in to a longer topic on its own.

This guide assumes you have started with an absolutely blank file. It also assumes you have the Revit OOTB library installed somewhere....