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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Revit 2012 - Round Function In Formulas

There has been lots of blogging about the new features in Revit 2012 over the last couple of days, but to my surprise I´ve not seen the the new rounding functions mentioned yet.
OK, it may be a minor feature to most, but I use formulas a LOT, and find these new functions pretty sweet.

I also posted this, and lots of other formulas to use in Revit, in this thread at the Revit Forum.

Values in formulas can be now rounded up or down. For example, when riser height is calculated, one needs the function “round” to find the appropriate value.
The round function returns a number rounded nearest to a whole number. It doesn’t take into consideration rounding direction (round up or down). If the number is (for example) from 24.5 to 24.9, the function rounds it to 25. If it is from 23.1 to 23.4, the function rounds it to 23.
round ( 23.4) = 23
Round ( 23.5) = 24
Round ( 23.6) = 24
Round (-23.4) = -23
Round (-23.5) = -23
Round (-23.6) = -24
The syntax for the round function is: round( number)
number is the number to round.
“x” is a unitless value that should return the largest integral value less than or equal to x.
For example:
roundup ( 23.0) = 23
roundup ( 23.5) = 23
roundup ( 23.9) = 23
roundup (-23.0) = -23
roundup (-23.5) = -24
roundup (-23.9) = -24
The syntax for the roundup function is: roundup (number)
number is the number to round up.
“x” is a unitless value that should return the smallest integral value greater than or equal to x.
For example:
rounddown ( 23.0) = 23
rounddown ( 23.5) = 24
rounddown ( 23.9) = 24
rounddown (-23.0) = -23
rounddown (-23.5) = -23
rounddown (-23.9) = -23
The syntax for the rounddown function is: rounddown (number)
number is the number to round down.
Note that when numbers such as 23.5 are rounded, they can result in either 23 or 24. To produce a stable result, for all the .5 cases, we round to the larger integer. That means that 23.5 is rounded to 24, while -23.5 to -23


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