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Monday, March 7, 2011

Best post of the month - Febuary 2011

Kinda awkward to congratulate this months winner, since the winner was... well... me :p

It all started with a challenge to create an L shaped corner piece, and to control the angle of the "L" by a parameter, so that it could adjust to any angle between 5 and 355 degrees.
The challenge somehow got totally out of control, and ended up with a couple of us making fully parametric clocks ;)

You can read the entire thread, and download the .fra from here

I think this post was awarded, not for the parameters, but for the trick with using profiles to drive the Hands on the Clock.... Well, that, and maybe the digital display...

The runners-up this month were:

Second place:
Aaron Maller for his post in the Casework Thread, explaining when to use shared nested families, and when not to.

Third place:
Mark Balsom, for his post about Short Cut Key Magic


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